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Becky Planter-Glass vase with delicate iron support | Azucena Nursery

Becky Planter-Glass vase with delicate iron support | Azucena Nursery

Glass vase with delicate iron lined support. Ideal for home or office decoration

Atractive and versatile decorative piece for home or office settings. Such vases often combine the elegance of glass with the sturdiness and decorative appeal of iron.

  1. Floral Arrangements: Fill the glass vase with fresh flowers or artificial blooms. The combination of glass and iron can provide a stylish contrast, enhancing the beauty of the flowers.

  2. Floating Candles: Place floating candles in the glass vase for a soothing and ambient lighting option. The iron-lined support can add a touch of sophistication to the overall look.

  3. Terrarium: Create a miniature indoor garden by placing small plants, moss, or succulents in the glass vase. The iron support can add an industrial or rustic element to the arrangement.

  4. Dried Arrangements: Arrange dried flowers, twigs, or decorative branches in the vase. This can be a low-maintenance option that adds a touch of nature to your space.

  5. Centerpiece: Use the vase as a centerpiece on a dining table or coffee table. It can draw attention and become a focal point in the room.

  6. Office Desk Decor: Place the vase on your office desk and use it to hold pens, pencils, or other office supplies. It can add a touch of personal style to your workspace.

When choosing or creating arrangements for your vase, consider the overall aesthetic of the room and your personal preferences. Experimenting with different combinations of flowers, candles, or decorative elements can help you find the perfect look for your glass vase with an iron-lined support.

Length: 4.3" Height: 6.2"

Plants not included.

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