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Aspect™ LED Growlight | Azucena Nursery

Aspect™ LED Growlight | Azucena Nursery

The Aspect is a pendant style LED indoor plant light engineered to grow your plants efficiently while seamlessly blending into your home décor.

Want to add some plants to your home's décor but don’t have the natural light for it? Bring nature indoors while adding a sophisticated touch to your space with the plant light used by interior designers, and growers around the world!

What's included

  • 1 Aspect™ LED Growlight
  • 15ft Fabric Cord
  • Outlet Timer (U.S & Canada orders only)
  • 3 Pack Ceiling Hooks
  • 2 Wall Fairleads
  • 1 Swag Hook
  • Aspect Quick Start Guide

Unlock Limitless Possibilities

No more confining your houseplants near windows – with the Aspect LED grow light, you can place and grow any plant, anywhere.

Powerful by Design

The Aspect's sleek aluminum design packs a punch, bringing the power to nurture everything from regular indoor plants to miniature trees.

Proudly Handcrafted in America

The Aspect combines sturdiness and elegance. Made from solid aluminum, this indoor plant grow light is a lasting investment, designed to shine for years.

Set it and Forget it

Every Aspect includes an outlet timer, letting you decide the perfect lighting schedule for your plants.

Unmatched Brilliance

Boasting a 3000K color temperature and a remarkable CRI value of 97, the Aspect offers color accuracy on par with professional photographers and upscale galleries.

Eco-Friendly Power

Our sustainable, full-spectrum LED grow lights are energy-efficient, letting you indulge in plant-filled bliss without worrying about soaring energy bills.

This product is backed by a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

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